meet Stacie

a newborn, child, and family portrait photographer serving Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas


I create photography for the heart.


I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

In a day where digital media is at the forefront of our attention and beautiful images are everywhere, I do still believe that there is a place for our own authentic stories.


I am magnetically drawn to the iconic images of yesteryear: the Time Magazine cover photos and National Geographic portraits that transports the viewer directly into that time and place somehow allowing us to understand them.

My goal is to create moments for you. Moments that make you smile. Moments that make you feel. Images worth running into a burning house for.


As my own babies are growing up all too fast I want to preserve our family in images not only for us to enjoy now, but also so that they can look back and remember who they were, and more than anything how much they were loved. And just like with those Time Magazine photos, I want our great-great grandchildren to know that story and to be able to feel that too.


“I am in love with how our family photos turned out and it couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience!  Thank you Stacie for all your hard work that made taking pictures with this crazy crew such a fun memory!”

— Laci G —


ready to make magic together?